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"Personal Branding Is Wicked Important In The 21st Century.  So Read This Letter In Its Entirety, And You'll Have The Keys To Create Your Personal Brand and Recession-Proof Your Life"

Dear 21st Century Entrepreneur,

If you're interested in personal branding and using the tools of your personal brand to skyrocket your sales revenue and increase your wealth, then read on.

Mediocre is the new poor.

…and it worked.

It’s the very formula adopted by some of the oldest and richest corporations still operating today.

In the 20th Century, mediocre in mass quantities was the recipe for success. It worked because there wasn’t as much competition in the market and there were fewer advertising and marketing channels to reach a mass audience

In the 21st Century mediocre will get you no more than mediocre results (if you get any results at all). The marketplace is crammed with similar products in almost every industry. And the advertising and marketing channels to reach consumers is virtually infinite.

Being mediocre in a crowded market results in low profitability. When faced with choices that are all relatively similar, a consumer will choose the cheapest price or the name they recognize from a previous purchase.

Mediocrity is a death knell for corporations in the 21st century. As the symbol of the beginning of the end for a corporation, it could be worse for individual entrepreneurs.

The Life Cycle of a Mediocre Entrepreneur:

Pick a product after some market research. Try to market that product to the masses. The product never takes off.

The business fails within 2 to 3 years.  The mediocre entrepreneur has no other income streams, so he has to return to the job market.  The mediocre entrepreneur ends up working in a cubicle doing menial, repetitive work that slowly drains their soul from his body.

Mediocre entrepreneur retires at 67 with heart disease and other stress related ailments from living an unfulfilled life. The Small Business Administration estimates that 70% of new businesses fail within the first three years.

That equals to a lot of disgruntled, disheartened entrepreneurs tucking their tails between their legs and groveling for a job… in some cases from their competitors.

When you’re mediocre, you increase your chances of failure in a market where there are too many choices for the consumer. Even worse, when you're mediocre, your ability to bounce back from set- backs is virtually non-existent.

There is no place for a mediocre entrepreneur in the 21st century. He will not thrive. He is destined to fail.

The anecdote to mediocrity is exceptional. The 21st century entrepreneur doesn’t strive for mediocrity to appease a mass audience. That road to success has been barricaded. The 21st Century entrepreneur strives for excellence, which is marketed and directed to a targeted audience, willing to pay the premium prices.  This is where Personal Branding comes into play.  Enter...

The 21st Century Entrepreneur...

Personal Branding

“Personal branding is about deciding to take an active role in the direction of your life. You benefit from creating a personal brand because it allows you to self-manage your life and stop depending on others to do it for you. Your personal brand helps you make the most of what you’ve got to offer.”
                                               ~Susan Chritton

How Personal Branding Can Increase Your Profitability and Your Market Presence

(Read This Carefully)

Your Personal Brand is an emotional identification that comes to mind when someone thinks of you. Your personal brand exemplifies your values and those values that others associate with you.

It can be considered your personal alter-ego. If you control your personal branding, you can influence how others perceive you. If you don’t control your personal branding, it will take on a life of its own.

A good perception can be an opportunity. A bad perception is a mountain that you may not be able to climb.

Your personal branding message tells people who you are, what you do and what makes you different or how you create value for your target market.

Personal branding is also critical because you have a life beyond your company. This life beyond your company can also generate additional income streams for you.

I am NOT a consultant. I am NOT trying to sell people on coaching. I am NOT trying to sell you monthly continuity programs. I simply saw that young entrepreneurs were absolutely misguided in how to brand themselves for success and I wanted to help the 21st Century Entrepreneur succeed.

I believe in Capitalism. The greatest nations in all the world have embraced capitalism and have been prosperous because of it. In the land of hand-outs and bail-outs…the ENTREPRENEUR is king. The 21st Century Entrepreneur has been conditioned to believe that bail-outs are normal and okay.

NO…they are not. YOU create your reality. YOU create your wealth. YOU create your own success. NOT the government. Put your future in your own hands and do something with your life. Embrace personal branding for the 21st century entrepreneur and use your talents to serve your customers…and serve them well.

Your wealth will be in direct correlation with how you serve your customer. So use your talents and personally brand yourself as the obvious expert in your chosen field and serve your customers with the utmost integrity. Not because you HAVE to, but because you WANT to.

What Will a Personal Branding Campaign Do For You?

Create consistency
Increase personal effectiveness
Build increased confidence – at all levels
Improve sales success
Demonstrate commitment to personal development
Increase your wealth
Help establish a relationship between the business and the customer
Convey a feeling of trust
Give your business a more professional image
 Help your business appear more established and professional
 Become the symbol of values placed on your business, such as trustworthy, quality, integrity, innovative, etc.

A well-executed personal branding campaign creates a strong, consistent, and specific association between the individual and the perceived value they offer.

Branding is the promise of the value you’ll receive. This promise could be the difference in making thousands to hundreds of thousands more dollars a year, creating associations with world leaders, building a career instead of being stuck in a job and the opportunity to open doors to entrepreneurship.

I realized that a lot of my peers were destroying their personal brands by some of their activities on social media before they could even establish themselves.

Talking about it wasn’t enough. I needed to go further. I needed to find a way to teach my peers what personal branding is, how to dissect the core of this concept and how to put it to use to get powerful results.

I just started making calls and scheduling interviews. I figured the best way for my peers to learn how to use personal branding to their advantage was to learn from experts who have specialized in personal branding and who have helped some of the world’s most powerful entrepreneurs and CEOs create their own personal brands.

With the interviews I was able to acquire, I have compiled a MUST HAVE collection of personal branding interviews for every Gen Xer and Millennial who wants to have control of their financial independence.

Introducing "Personal Branding for the 21st Century Entrepreneur"...

The Breakthrough Program That Virtually Hands You The Personal Branding Mindset You Need To Create Money On Demand... All On A Silver Platter...

Personal Branding

Here's What You're Getting Today

So the burning questions... how does this all work and exactly what are you getting? Are we going to slip you a magic personal branding pill then VOILA!  No, there's more to it than that... and it's all quite simple. You get it all.  8 audio interviews from personal branding experts explaining how to personally brand yourself for success. 

You'll also get the transcripts of the calls...just in case you are like me and want to skip straight to the punch line.  You can listen to the audios, take notes and virtually reprogram your mind for personal branding success almost instantly.

First, you're going to listen to the interviews in your IPod or other device .  These audios will cover topics such as  how to personally brand yourself so your  employer takes notice, how to discover your personal brand, how to get raving fans (not just customers) and how to promote your personal brand to the market. You'll even learn how to change careers so you can follow your true calling!

Not only are you going to have aha! moment after aha! moment, but you will be building your personal brand just by listening to the audios. (By the way, what I'm sharing with you in these audios are truly nuggets of gold. You will want these audios nearby at all times)

Second, the experts I interviewed are going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to build your personal brand... so you can enter the marketplace with your newly created brand and create money on demand. They held nothing back... I've packed this program with some of the most advanced techniques that WILL help you create your personal brand... if you say yes.

In other words, these 8 interviews will literally hand you the tools you need to build your personal brand.  Follow the advice therein...and you will not only have an incredible "stand out brand", but you will attract the very customers you want to work with...almost effortlessly.

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You could be sending mixed messages with your social media accounts. You must download these audio interviews before you post anything to any of your social media accounts.

"Implement These Personal Branding Strategies to Skyrocket Your Success and Increase Your Wealth Drastically"

Personal Branding Product

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It’s a digital download (MP3 and PDF) so there is little overhead. Therefore I can pass the savings onto you. If you were to consult one-on-one with some of the experts I interviewed, the investment would be well over $1,000.  However, you’ll get around 2 ½ hours of powerful personal branding information for a low introductory price.

You will learn from experts who have implemented this very strategies for themselves and for other business professionals just like you.  Understand the value of personal branding and how to use it to reach your goals. Explore best practices in building a personal brand.

Don’t mess up your reputation by following some outdated methods you read in a book. Minimize your risk and common mistakes in building your personal brand.

Skeptical? Don't Worry, It's Risk Free. You're Protected By An Iron Clad
Full Money-Back Guarantee

Try it risk free today! I believe these audio interviews will be the most important time investment that you ever make. Through intense scrutiny and strategic planning, I have removed all the BS to create an interview experience that will nearly guarantee that you will learn the most important fundamentals of personal branding and completely change the trajectory of your life. To prove it, I am giving you complete access to the entire interview series and all the bonuses at my own risk, not yours!

If you're not satisfied with the interviews or you’re not happy with the information I will refund 100% of your purchase. 

I am that confident that your life is about to change for the better. You’ve seen the statistics. When you start off with low income jobs, you create lifetime of dead end jobs.

If you are serious about control the direction of your life and your financial independence, you Must Download this audio seriesToday!

This is not your grandparents’ career advisors.

I guarantee you that you are about to change the future with this once in a lifetime experience. This audio series is so powerful I could have charged $199.99 for this college-level course in an audio format.

I could have charged $99.99 because there is just so much information packed into this series.

But charging that much defeats the purpose of why I wanted to create this series. I know that Gen Xers and Millenials whom are still on a search to find themselves aren’t always the richest people in the world...but are the ones most likely to find these interviews useful.

I also wanted to make sure I’m doing my part to open doors and change lives. I wanted more of my peers to be able to share in the opportunity the information allows us. Isn’t that the point?

But better still, I’m going to offer some unbeatable bonuses if you download today!  After you download these audios, you are entitled to these amazing FREE bonuses.  The bonuses alone are valued at over ten times the price of the audios.

These FREE BONUSES Will Help You Personally Brand Yourself for Success...(Over $400.00 Worth Of Jam-Packed Branding Tools)

Your success is my first priority. Period. That's why I have put in hours and hours of work into creating the perfect program that's guaranteed to help you personally brand yourself, no matter who you are, where you are, how inexperienced you might be.

So to put you over the top, I've decided to include some bonuses that will whip you into shape and transform you transform your image and tap into the power of social media to showcase your brand... easy as 1-2-3.

Pinterest Expert (A $37 Value)

Social Media Smasher (A $47 Value)

Expert Speaker (A beginner’s guide to public speaking) (A $17 Value)

Branding Your Way to Success

(A $17 value)

Google Plus for Business (A $47 Value)

Responsive Offline Deals
($67 Value)

Personal branding

Mindset Launchpad
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Personal Branding

Time Management Tools
($37.00 Value)

Mobile Marketing Revolution
($67.00 Value)

Inside the FREE Bonuses you will learn how to...

Make time for professional social networking to build a personal brand.

Use content as a strategy to build a personal brand.

Recognize the difference between professional and social credibility.

Develop influential connections online.

Leverage offline networking.

Understand tactics of how to take online connections offline for the payoff in personal branding.

Explore monetizing strategies for your personal brand.

Understanding the role of social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook in building a personal brand.

How to close deals without hard selling (or even soft selling)

Change your mindset so that you can improve the way you do online business. You’ll learn strategies that you can start using today that will bring you so much closer to your end goal.

Everything you need to know to be a success and achieve your goal of managing your time with the correct tools.

The best online training available that takes you by the hand and shows you step-by-step how to use mobile marketing to increase your marketing efforts and build your personal brand.

Total Value of $403.00 Yours FREE!

Demand Your Ideal Salary and Get So Many Offers that You Decide Who You Will Work For

I Don't Know If I Can Be Any 
Clearer Than This...

You want your personal brand to stand out... you need your personal brand to stand out... and to do this, you MUST be equipped with the right Mindset. Without it, you won't succeed. Period. It's proven, and there's no argument that can change that.

Thousands of personal branding experts, myself included, spent years of research and trial and error trying to figure out personal branding for themselves. We worked, we studied, we sweated, and we finally got there... but it took a lot of hard effort. We did NOT have these types of audios to listen to and we did NOT have the proven resources you have today.

Instead, you can take the easy route... and if you don't, well, I don't know what to say. This is your chance to learn how to personally brand yourself the RIGHT WAY.  I worked hard for it... but you don't have to.

All you have to do is say yes. So do it. Do it! Say yes to discovering your personal brand. Say yes to a change millionaire personal branding experts would have loved to have at their disposal... including me. I've done the work for you... all you have to do is say yes! Remember, I risked nearly everything to get where I am today. I risked my health, my sanity, my personal respect, my family, lost time with friends, lonliness and solitude.

But you risk nothing... you can have all of this... and it's all backed by a 60-day, no-questions-asked, iron-clad guarantee.

All you have to do is say yes. Just click the button below and you'll get immediate access to Personal Branding for the 21st Century Entrepreneur... the only program in existence that hands you the personal branding information you need on a silver platter. Here it is... on a silver platter. So take it. Click the button below to get immediate access... risk free... and discover how personal branding can change your life...and income.

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See You at the Top,

Shane Boyd

P.S. Please don’t just bookmark this page thinking you’ll get back to it later.  It’s only $27 to change your entire future. Before you know it, you’ll be the master of your own destiny, bragging to your friends about the offers you’ve turned down or launching multiple business ventures.

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